Are we prepared to face a crisis?

Don’t wait for the crisis to come to you by surprise to find out if you are. I invite you to prepare yourself right now!

Christian Reflections - Are we prepared to face a crisis?
Are we prepared to face a crisis?

Our relationship with the Lord has an effect on everything we do. It is very possible that what you do today will have extraordinary effects tomorrow. If you do not set aside time to have the Word in your heart today, it will not be there later for the time of need. You may end up full of uncertainties and in crisis, rather than with faith and the power you need to be victorious in a crisis.

Cultivating the Word of God

If you take care to daily cultivate the teachings that God has given us, as the tools to glorify Him and always walk according to His will, you will achieve victory long before difficult circumstances come into your life.

It is a preparation before the distress. A matter that you will be able to achieve through a fortified faith in the Word of the Lord, there will always be some impediment that will hold you back from staying strong and with full confidence, but there will always be our beloved Father acting in the solution.

There will be no obstacles, because God will always prevail in his mind and heart.

It’s time to build yourself up in the Word of the Lord!

Don’t wait until you face a crisis. Put the Word in your heart now, so that when you need it, it will flow with power in Jesus’ name.

Don’t forget that whatever you invest in the Word today will have a glorious return in the future.

Start today!

Happy is the man who honors the Lord and delights in obeying His commands… he will live without fear of bad news, and his heart will be firm and trusting in the Lord. (Psalm 112:1,7)

Let us pray together: God, let me know more of Your word every day, keep it in my heart and use it in my life Father, strengthen my faith in the face of any unrest and guide me always in the ways of Your extraordinary will. Amen.

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