Dutch artist reconstructs the face of Jesus with artificial intelligence

The hyperrealist portrait is a work by a Dutch painter, a specialist in using artificial intelligence in his «reconstructions» of historical characters.

Christian News - Dutch artist reconstructs the face of Jesus with artificial intelligence
Dutch artist reconstructs the face of Jesus with artificial intelligence

This is the Dutch artist and photographer Bas Uterwijk who uses artificial intelligence to make hyper-realistic portraits of relevant faces from our history whose appearance has only been achieved to this day through painting or sculpture.

Using a software

With the help of a free software, called Artbreeder, which with artificial intelligence is able to make hyperrealistic reconstructions from multiple images, Uterwijk makes its digital recreations from photos of paintings and sculptures.

His fame is based on very realistic representations of how King David, Vincent Van Gogh, Napoleon and different figures of the Egyptian kingdoms, among many others, looked like, whom he has ‘»reconstructed» with his sophisticated technique.

Image of Jesus Christ

But one of his works has attracted attention mainly on the Twitter platform: the image of his portrait of Jesus Christ.

In a hyper-realistic image of what Jesus would actually look like, he has incited a profound controversy about the appearance of the Messiah for the Judaeo-Christian culture. The portrait is very different from the blonde, blue-eyed version of Jesus Christ that we are instructed to see.

«I’m trying to guide the software to a credible result. I think of my work more as artistic interpretations than as scientifically or historically accurate images,» the artist said in an interview with European media.

One year to rebuild the portrait

For the portrait of Jesus, Uterwijk used techniques that conformed to the genotype and race of the time he lived, and he added ancient paintings of people who recreated the Messiah after visions or revelations they claimed to have of the Son of God.

It took the artist a year to recreate this representation of Jesus, which he created in two versions, one with long hair and one with short hair that would be closer to the context of the social customs of the time of Jesus Christ.


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