A pastor is the winner of the 18th season of “The Voice”

U.S. Pastor, he turned out to be the winner of the 18th season of the world famous TV show “The Voice”.

Christian News - A pastor is the winner of the 18th season of "The Voice"
A pastor is the winner of the 18th season of “The Voice”

Such an event occurred Tuesday night, when Pastor Todd Tilghman of Mississippi won from “The Voice”.

The 41-year-old evangelical leader from Cornerstone Church in Meridian stunned the panel of judges in February by singing “We’ve Got Tonight” by Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band. The pastor is the oldest winning performer in the last 18 seasons of the program.

Tilghman said at a press conference that when he heard his name he could not hold his body because of the emotion: “When they called me, I fainted”; he said.

Blake Shelton was Todd’s head coach, and when he heard the verdict, he said the result did not surprise him because the pastor “Is someone everyone hopes to meet someday”.

“Todd is as talented as the other four and I think what may have put him over the top is the relationship. I’m not surprised. He’s someone everyone hopes to meet someday”; the coach said.

The pastor in the interview shared about his life, and said he has never performed anywhere but in the congregation.

After the victory, Shelton praised him for who he is and what he does, saying people like the pastor make sense of the show.

“I’ve never sung outside the church before. He lives in a small town. He has eight children. Todd is really what this show is about. The world should know about these artists”; Blake ended.

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