Christian murdered in front of his wife and daughters in India

The harassment of Christians in India is progressive and alarming, this time Hindu radicals invaded the residence of a Christian and killed him in front of his wife and daughters. A crime because of belief in Jesus.

Christian News - Christian murdered in front of his wife and daughters in India
Christian murdered in front of his wife and daughters in India

According to the Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) website, it was Kande Mudu, 27, who was attacked and killed in Khunti district in the Indian state of Jharkhand. He had converted to the gospel of Jesus four years ago.

They were the only Christians in the area

The Mudus were the only family in their village that professed Christianity. In the face of this, they were victims of several previous attacks, where they were threatened with death.

Kande was killed on June 7 when an armed group entered his residence, through the main gate, and attacked him. In the midst of the brutal attack, the young Christian’s head was cut off.

Bindu Mudu, the wife of the deceased, told CSW: “After listening to the men at the front door, my husband knew that our lives were in danger and that these men had bad intentions.

Kande told his wife that even if he was killed, he should remain strong and never give up his faith in Jesus.

Wife and daughters managed to escape from the village

Bindu and the couple’s two daughters managed to escape from the village after Kande’s murder because none of their neighbours would provide shelter for a Christian family. The police investigation into the Christian’s murder is ongoing, but no suspects have yet been arrested for the crime.

“Our deepest prayers and condolences to Mr. Mudu’s wife, Bindu, and his family for their loss. Mr. Mudu was killed for his faith. We at CSW are increasingly concerned with the harassment, discrimination and suffering faced by Christians in India simply for exercising their right to practice a religion different from the majority of their fellow citizens,” said CSW Executive Director Mervyn Thomas.

“The Constitution of India states that ‘everyone has an equal right to freedom of conscience and the right to freely profess, practice and propagate his religion. This must be addressed urgently, and we urge the authorities in Jharkhand and the central government to develop a plan of action. Christians and other religious minorities must feel safe, without fear of violence or harassment from any segment of the community,” Thomas said.