Sun 31 May 2020

 Christians ask not to allow the legalization of abortion in Argentina

In Argentina, Christians are unanimous ask not to allow the legalization of abortion by allowing development and life. They also pronounced that without abortion they will be saving the life of the baby and its mother.

Christian News - Christians ask not to allow the legalization of abortion in Argentina
Christians ask not to allow the legalization of abortion in Argentina

Consequently, the Council of the Christian Alliance of Evangelical Churches asked the president of Argentina not to continue with the project of Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (IVE), as reported by LM Diario.

Message to President

The entity sent a letter to the president of Argentina. In the message he was told that they are still dismayed to see how he is promoting a movement that consists of taking the life of a being through abortion.

In addition, they stated that “we do not ignore the complexity of the issue or the pain of the woman who carries out a vulnerable pregnancy”.

Similarly, the Council of Christian Alliance of Evangelical Churches understands the circumstances of illegal abortion.

“The lives of mothers who are in danger of death from clandestine and illegal abortions. It is not solved by the death of innocent children”; they stated.

In this way, the congregation declared to Fernandez; pointing out that “it is time, and we believe that you can be the person, that definitely establishes as a pillar for our nation and its future the value of life”.

The group brings together more than 15,000 evangelical churches in Argentina, along with other faiths and NGOs. They have collaborated in the delivery of food to vulnerable sectors.

Therefore, this activity has been carried out since the beginning of the pandemic by Covid-19 in communities that need it the most.

Support for Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (VPI)

On the other hand, it should be noted that many countries have joined together to carry out the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (VPI) project.

Likewise, various organizations have strongly opposed it, arguing that the right to life is more important.

This is the case of the Board of Directors of Alianza Cristiana de Iglesias Evangélicas de la República de Argentina, which through the letter sent to the president expect a positive response.