House of God donates food and sanitary products to the coronavirus crisis

The House of God Church donates food and medical products to communities vulnerable to the coronavirus crisis.

House of God donates food and sanitary products to the coronavirus crisis
House of God donates food and sanitary products to the coronavirus crisis

The Casa de Dios ministry, of Guatemala, led by Pastor Cash Luna; has brought food and toiletries to more than 2,500 vulnerable families. This, to help them cope with the coronavirus crisis.

The delivery was made this Friday, March 27 in the morning hours directly to Mizraim Guzmán and Ruli Dávila; president and secretary of the COCODE of the San Nicolás summit and Caserío Los Tecunes, in Villa Canales.

House of God Donations

They received the 500 bags of donations equipped with: 5 pounds of rice, 5 pounds of beans, 1 liter of chlorine, 1 liter of disinfectant, 1 liter of liquid hand soap and a coronavirus prevention guide.

“The objective of this activity was to provide cleaning and sanitation products to people without access to them; to prevent the spread of this disease that is attacking thousands of people and keep it out of the homes. In addition, contribute food that will enable them to nurture families in this process”; pastor Raúl Marroquín, a member of the pastoral team and in charge of the social innovation area of Casa de Dios, explained.

“Our congregation is very generous and in times of crisis and natural disasters has always turned to helping others”; Cash Luna, general shepherd of the House of God, indicated; while adding that the church’s Social Innovation area has identified sectors of risk to channel aid to others directly.

“Through this donation more than 2,500 people will have the opportunity to wash their hands. As well as cleaning your personal items, the surfaces of your homes and sanitizing bathrooms, furniture, children’s toys and croeveres. At this time it is vital to prevent the spread of the virus”; added Rick Cutler, a member of URA.

Casa de Dios social innovation

The social arm of Casa de Dios was born in 2006. At first he did so through the Food Bank; with the aim of caring for orphans and seniors; in addition to providing humanitarian aid to those suffering from natural disasters. But the mission has expanded by discovering new needs in these years, taking as the motto “Serve and help the one who serves and helps“.

In this context, this arm went from being a Food Bank to Social Innovation, through a platform that unites individual initiatives and friendly foundations to carry out projects of aid, development and social transformation.