In Spain churches will offer cults once a week

The Federation of Evangelical Religious Entities of Spain (Ferede); recommended to all churches that they will resume their services from May 17; where one meeting a week was urged.

In Spain churches will offer cults once a week
In Spain churches will offer cults once a week

The move arises due to flexibility in government policies against the pandemic, following infection of The Covid-19, in recent months ago in the country.

“Ferede’s recommendation is to begin the resumption of face-to-face worship from Sunday, May 17,” Ferede said in a statement.

However, he recommended to the churches that they will perform only one service per week; continue to comply with the security measures provided by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Protection measure per week

Weeks ago, the Spanish government announced the measures progressive decon confinement in the first stage; where churches will only be able to gather a small portion of their people by May 17.

Ferede demanded that measures be respected “by controlling staggered access to churches and the limit of the capacity at the door”, the entity warned in a statement.

With these words, Ferede invited congregations to respect social estrangement; church members with a space of at least two meters between person and person.

“Ensure the provision of masks for the use of attendees; staggered access control to the place of worship, the internal signage of usable benches or chairs, the identification of places and situations where the risk of contagion may increase (use of the lectern, the distribution of the Lord’s dinner or the manipulation of money when counting offerings) and the staggered eviction of the place of worship”; recommended the entity.

In addition, he suggested that the cults last in a three-hour interval between worship and worship. It also advises that those in vulnerable health stay at home and view the services through social networks and telematics, as reported by the Digital Religion web portal.

“As in many other sectors of our society, evangelical churches will also have to mentalize for a gradual and patient return to this ‘new normal'” ,the entity warned.