Israel supports Honduras in the fight against Covid-19

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandéz reported that Israel is supporting Honduras in the fight against Covid-19. Likewise, doctors without border joining the aid against coronavirus.

Christian News - Israel supports Honduras in the fight against Covid-19
Israel supports Honduras in the fight against Covid-19

Through a press conference, the president of Honduras made an announcement official; who claims to have spoken with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about assistance to the Central American country.

“We have also spoken to international organizations like Doctors Without Borders who will also be supporting us and we are looking for what we don’t have in Honduras; highlighted the Honduran ruler.

It also ensures that it may return Honduran doctors who are on scholarships studying abroad to return to the country.

The Chair stated that if the situation deepened it was likely that the physicians who were on scholarships would return to their country, although the priority remained their training to strengthen Honduras’ health system.

Honduran Doctors

Orlando, he called for respectful treatment of Honduran doctors who are in the front row treating coronavirus cases. He also stated that it did not seem fair to him that they wanted to be taken out of their own houses or colonies.

The president also expressed his appreciation and publicly congratulated the doctors in Honduras whom he called as heroes. He also offered Honduran doctors 911 to call 911 if they are excluded or unfairly thrown away.

Finally, the executive sent a decree to parliament a project to create a recruitment system for health personnel. However, this will benefit health workers who are fighting the pandemic in the front row.

Likewise, the president said that people who have been working in the health sector for years and are still hired, this benefits them as well.