5 August 2020

New large-scale fires endanger the Amazon

Currently, as we focus on the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic, over 1,900 square miles of rainforest is turning to ashes. However, the amount affected is equivalent to more than half a million soccer fields.

Christian News - New large-scale fires endanger the Amazon
New large-scale fires endanger the Amazon

Unfortunately, the fire is once again touching Amazon land and putting wildlife in danger again. As a result, much of this tropical area has been severely affected since the beginning of the region’s dry season.

It is estimated that at least 1,900 square miles of land will potentially be reduced to ashes.

On the other hand, the British portal Mirror has reported that a fire safety corps is already working in the area.

However, most of these fires are caused by farmers and ranchers to clear land for grazing, or by illegal loggers and miners to drive indigenous peoples out of protected territories.

Hard work of the fire department

Large tracts of land have been reduced to 24,000 square miles in just the last 10 years.

Thus, scientists report that it may be close to the “tipping point” when its nature changes completely.

Amazingly, there is a group of firefighters who are working hard on this important natural symbol, even without getting paid for it.

However, it has already been reported that it is not a simple job, as several of their men have been killed in previous attempts to stop the fire.

Marcus Silva, a predominant leader, spoke out about this, accusing the incident of being predetermined.

“It was deliberately set in motion with certainty. It is very sad to see the dead animals that could not escape: lizards, snakes, armadillos, monkeys”; he said.

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In this way, Silva is trying to attract the attention of the media and politicians because the lack of personnel and supplies affects the hard work this area entails.

All of this is necessary in order to deal with what is believed to be a “complicated situation”.