Pass law initiative on “Children’s Day for Birth” in Argentina

In Argentina, the “Children’s Day for Birth” established on March 25 by the Neuquén Deliberative Council is approved by the law initiative. The initiative was promoted by the councilman of the Christian Democracy Party, Nadia Marquez.

Christian News - Pass law initiative on "Children's Day for Birth" in Argentina
Pass law initiative on “Children’s Day for Birth” in Argentina

The counciljala is an e-angelic Christian and is a member of the church Jesus is King. His initiative was supported by most of his counterparts, according to the publication of Evangélico Digital.

The “Municipal Day of the Child to Be born” was approved in the ordinary session last Thursday, at the Deliberating Congress of Neuquén.

The draft ordinance stipulates that strategies should be adopted in the municipality to disseminate and promote the date.

Camilo Echevarría, of the Neuquino Integrator Front, Atilio Sguazzini, Isabel Mosna and Jorge Rey, of the MPN block, joined the approval of the ordinance; Rocío Jabat, Guillermo Monzani, José Luis Artaza, Marcelo Bermúdez and Mario Lara de Juntos por la Cambio, according to Evangélico Digital.

However, the initiative was repudiated by Ana Servidio, the Front of Todos, Angelica Laguna and Natalia Hormazábal of the FIT.

All of them spoke out against the initiative and played strong friction with the Christian counciljala, who asked them to accompany the project beyond the ideological prostrates.

“The right to life is not a matter of ideology, nor of religion, but an emanation of human nature, and that is why it is protected in different international human rights treaties”; said Nadia Marquez, according to Evangélico Digital.

I add that the concept of human life and the right to life, refers to the living human being, so it is protected from the beginning of life.