Sun 31 May 2020

Pastor Notes Advance of Communism in Days of Chaos

One pastor explains that one of the ways to implement communism is to create chaos and then control people. For him, Christianity and communism are really incompatible.

Christian News - Pastor Notes Advance of Communism in Days of Chaos
Pastor Notes Advance of Communism in Days of Chaos

This is Pastor Joel Engel, who in 1989 had a dream in which he observed Brazil being taken over by communism. Today, he warns how this model, which is incompatible with the Christian faith, is advancing in countries all over the world.

“I remember in the dream that the communists went after children, closed churches, burned Bibles, as in communist countries. Then I saw how I was entering Brazil”; the pastor said.

“In the dream I cried a lot and asked: why will the Lord allow communism to enter Brazil? What is our mistake? And God showed me that the church was playing and lost its purpose; salt is no longer salt. Communists work day and night to attract followers, the Christian does not do that”; he said.

When he asked God what he should do to change this situation, Joel points out that God said he should form “true warriors” of prayer, according to the Scriptures.

After 40 days of fasting

After the dream, when the pastor and some intercessors completed 40 days of fasting, the Berlin Wall fell, marking the beginning of the fall of communism in Europe. He claims that communism was not approved in Brazil with a government platform, but had a systematic influence on the nation’s universities and other institutions.

Engel’s ministry has been in prayer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 35 years, training people to “make war” in intercession at times like this.

Joel has been offering prayers and prophetic acts throughout Brazil, especially in Brasilia, and believes the Church’s intercession can change the direction of a nation, citing as an example the occasion when former President Dilma Rousseff rejected an ambassador assigned by Israel. He said he would be happy to see him in 2015. In the same year, the impeachment process began.

Communism used by the Antichrist

The evangelical leader believes that communism is part of the system devised by the Antichrist in recent times.

“Communism is associated with the antichrist system with one goal: to establish a world order. Therefore, it must lead the people into chaos, in order to dominate them”; he says.

He also points out that there is a well-designed communist agenda that deforms Judaeo-Christian culture, such as disabling the monarchy and government; eliminating private property, people no longer own anything; abolishing patriotism, abolishing family and marriage, abolishing morality; and abolishing religions.

“The Antichrist is at the door and is using the sects to establish a new world order. In this new world order, the main dominator that will take power is communism. Communism makes people robotic and they need it to dominate. The only power that can stop the spirit of the antichrist is the Church”; he says.

At times like these, Joel encourages the Church to be strong in God’s Word, so that Christians will persist in standing on their principles and not negotiate their values. “We, as a Church, need to stand up”; he suggests.