Plasma-based vaccine successfully used in COVID-19 patients in Israel

 Israel is currently using a novel plasma-based vaccine to treat patients with COVID-19, which has proved successful in terms of recovery of those infected.

Christian News - Plasma-based vaccine successfully used in COVID-19 patients in Israel
Plasma-based vaccine successfully used in COVID-19 patients in Israel

At the Israeli medical centre, Hadassah in Jerusalem, a young woman who is in a delicate state of health due to COVID-19, was the first to receive this concentrated treatment of antibodies developed from plasma, from people recovered from the virus itself.

Linked to the biopharmaceutical company Kamada, these combinations are supposed to give excellent results in their use, registering an improvement in the health status of the patients.

“The patient reacted positively and began to improve hemodynamically. We have our fingers crossed for the successful treatment of this patient,” said Zeev Rotstein, director of Hadassah.

Antibody-based treatment

This vaccine, unlike the others which are based on weakened versions of the same virus, is based on a passive immunization which provides antibodies from already recovered patients.

About 40 liters of plasma from recovered patients were collected at Hadassah Hospital, with which they managed to treat 70 patients; this, largely thanks to the intense campaign in Orthodox communities that reached high peaks of cases during the last months.

Implemented on seriously ill patients

Rotstein said that this treatment is used in patients who have a serious health condition and need reinforcements to fight the COVID-19, but it is also applied in new infections in large populations at risk, preventing the virus from progressing.

The organizations that jointly developed this treatment already have two of their products fully approved by the FDA, a major U.S. health institution.

It is worth mentioning that the results achieved with this type of plasma-based treatment have given successful results in the health of patients.