Surprising! Pandemic video game becomes popular

This is Plague Inc, a console strategy video game made by Ndemic Creations, which is based on creating and evolving a pathogen to kill the human race. The general goal is to “bring an end to human history”.

It should be noted that last week, the Plague Inc. Pandemic Simulator became the most downloaded mobile app in Apple’s app store.

Employees of Ndemic Creations, given the high demand that the game has been in at the moment, have provided an ‘online’ portal to try to answer the most common questions of users.

Together, it has become very popular on the online video game platform Steam, where more than 17,000 players currently use it, a record eight years after the game’s release.

Surprising! Pandemic video game becomes popular
Surprising! Pandemic video game becomes popular

According to the Steam Charts site, global sales of the game have risen to more than 102% in recent days. Unforeseen success for the British studio, Ndemic Creations.

Players claim it is just another way to allay concerns about the spread of the Covid-19, which has already claimed the lives of thousands of people.

One user noted “The best way to eliminate your fear is to confront it”

His publisher reported by tweeting to have received many questions about the coronavirus outbreak. So they decided to place a message on the game’s home page, which redirects users to the World Health Organization (WHO) website.

In addition, the game’s creators emphasized that Plague Inc. is just a video game. The coronavirus outbreak is a real situation.

They also reported a $250,000 donation to the Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and the World Health Organization pandemic support fund.