8 August 2020

Tennis courts become hospitals

Tennis courts in New York, USA, will shelter COVID-19 patients who do not need intensive care from next week to ease the burden of the nearby Elmhurst hospital. One of the most affected by the pandemic in that area , information given this Tuesday by the mayor, Bill de Blasio.

News - Tennis courts become hospitals
Tennis courts become hospitals

In a rough press at the “Billie Jean King” tennis center, De Blasio reported that the goal of this 350-bed campaign is Elmhurst, located in Queens, a truly populated neighborhood with more than 2 million residents, which yesterday was discovered as “the epicenter of the epicenter” of the pandemic due to its number of cases.

New York City now has more than 43,000 cases of coronavirus, an increase of nearly 5,700 from the previous day, which means being more than half of those infected statewide and starting to overflow its hospitals, so the authorities take action , strengthening its capacity with emergency facilities.

The Big Apple had 20,000 hospital beds before the crisis arrived and is currently in need of the triple, for which it will use the Armed Forces Comfort hospital ship, docked in Manhattan, or from the field hospitals installed in the Javits Convention Center and Central Park, among other spaces.

In the courts in which some of the best tennis players in the world have been trained and are competent, they will settle for caring for coronavirus patients who are not in the ICU, specifically.

Hospital Elmhurst

At the headquarters of the U.S. Tennis Open, the U.S. The mayor explained that “Elmhurst has taken the brunt and its staff, doctors and nurses and everyone who works there, is doing an amazing job, but we want to give them as much relief as possible.

“It will take three weeks to build, but from next week patients will start arriving,” he added.

This morning New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo noted that efforts are being made to coordinate private and public health facilities throughout the state to prevent. And I highlight the situation at Elmhurst Hospital.

‘It’s a public hospital in a high-density place, it’s overloaded and you see the pressure on staff, the excitement, the stress. This can’t happen,” he said.

President’s Statements

President Donald Trump referred to this hospital over the weekend, with an emotional tone that is not customary to show: “I’ve been watching it on TV for two weeks. The bags with bodies, in the hallways. Refrigerated trucks because they can’t take care of the bodies, as there are too many. It’s in my community, Queens, New York. These are things I’ve never seen before.”