Trump visited Arizona to monitor the new border fence

In the midst of a high rate of Covid-19 resurgence, U.S. President Donald Trump arrived in Arizona to conduct a respective oversight of the new “Border Wall”.

Christian News - Trump visited Arizona to monitor the new border fence
Trump visited Arizona to monitor the new border fence

Although Arizona is one of the states where cases of Coronavirus have increased in recent days, Donald Trump was not prevented from visiting the state and inspecting the wall.

To date, Donald Trump’s administration has managed to build 210 miles (338 Kilometers) of a fence in the border area, which is equivalent to 10.6% of the almost 3,180 kilometers (2,340 miles) of the border with Mexico.

Otherwise, of those 210 miles, only 16 have been erected in border areas where the United States had no fence so far; according to Telemundo 51.

For the U.S. president, this “border fence” will be a replacement for the old structures built in previous years; this according to data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in May.

Wall: “An impediment to smugglers”

During Trump’s visit, the President was accompanied by the acting Secretary of National Security, Chad Wolf. During this visit, the border fence has been described as an “impediment to smugglers?

Traffickers and other criminals have taken advantage of the lack of border infrastructure, which is why this fence would be another advance for the protection of the American nation.

The president narrowly won in Arizona in 2016, and seeks to defend his voter base there, even though opinion polls show him behind candidate Joe Biden.

His opponent, Joe Biden, called Trump’s visit “reckless” since Arizona is a state with 50,000 confirmed cases and 1,300 deaths from Covid-19, and in the face of this, the president is exposed to contagion starting with not wearing a mask.