Vatican confirms 6 new cases of Coronavirus

Pope Francis does not have COVID 19, as communicated by the director of the Holy See Press Office, Matteo Bruni.

However, he acknowledged that there are 6 positive cases among Vatican employees. These detected after performing more than 170 tests.

Matteo, in his statement, confirmed the positive case at Casa Santa Marta days ago: “This is an official of the Secretary of State residing in Santa Marta who, presenting some symptoms, was quarantined”.

“At this time his health conditions do not present a particular critical condition, but as a precautionary measure he is admitted to a Roman hospital under observation, in close contact with the authorities of the Directorate of Health and Hygiene” of the Vatican. Bruni added.

After discovering this positive “measures have been taken following the planned health protocols, both in terms of the sterilization of the environments in the workplace and residence of the affected person, and in the reconstruction of the contacts he maintained in the days preceding the test.

Vatican confirms 6 new cases of Coronavirus
Vatican confirms 6 new cases of Coronavirus

Also, health authorities have tested people with closer relationships with the positive person.

The results have shown the absence of other positive cases among the neighbors in Casa Marta, but between employees of the Holy See with closer contact with the officer.

More than 170 employees of the Holy See and the neighbours in Casa Santa Marta have been tested again. These latest tests have tested negative.

The persons affected by COVID 19 among employees of the Holy See and citizens of the Vatican City State are currently 6.

I can confirm that neither the Holy Father nor his closest collaborators are affected,” Matteo concluded