VENEZUELA: Maduro extends quarantine for 30 more days

By means of a state decree, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro made the decision to extend quarantine for a further 30 days. In order to reduce the spread of Coronavirus in the nation.

Christian News - VENEZUELA: Maduro extends quarantine for 30 more days
VENEZUELA: Maduro extends quarantine for 30 more days

Maduro, in the afternoon hours, of Tuesday, May 12, by means of a national decree set 30 more days of quarantine in the country, before the alarm by COVID-19.

“I am signing the State of Alarm (quarantine) Decree for 30 more days, until beyond June”; the president said from the government palace.

Such an announcement was made, after corroborating one more case of COVID-19 contagion in the nation. Together, she noted that she is a nurse from the municipality of Santiago Mariño, Aragua state, which has been the only confirmed case of the day, increasing the number of infected to 423.

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He explained that this person became a multiplier of this virus, “you forget that there is a pandemic” so he urged to remain in compliance with measures to avoid COVID-19.

The production sector in the face of quarantine

The quarantine extension decree originates when the country’s productive sectors expected a relaxation of the measure. This, in the midst of a terrible financial crisis that has been hit in the country in the last seven years of recession, hyperinflation and a total institutional and political crisis.

Relaxation by political leaders on Mother’s Day

The president claims to have observed the celebration of Mother’s Day through television broadcasts. And he realized, that there was a relaxation on the part of the political leaders of the country and the revolution doing acts with people, relaxing the strict security measures that have led us to contain COVID-19.

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Last updated of confirmed data from 12-05-2020

“If you relax quarantine you can go to a re-out as it is happening in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Germany… In the US, Brazil has not yet controlled the first outbreak… It’s not time to loosen up, it’s time to squeeze”; Maduro said.

He also stated that in the municipal cases that have been discovered are of people who “pass it on the street and start talking in a corner, they believe that they do not;  and it is that they are caught by the coronavirus. The worst part is that he sticks it to his family by creating spotlights”; said

“Currently there are 220 cases recovered, 52%, yesterday 12 were recovered, and today (Tuesday) 15 patients;  and 525,000 tests have been done, 17,500 per million people”; added

Humanitarian aid

The representative reported that on Tuesday 12 May, a plane arrived from China with more humanitarian aid for Venezuela to continue the battle against the Coronavirus. Similarly, it has come from Russia and Cuba, WHO, PAHO, Unicef, Red Cross, from the Chinese Communist Party to the Psuv.

Also, he announced the arrival of diagnostic kits with 40 thousand PCR tests, bacteriological suits, infrared thermometers, masks, protective lenses and gloves.