5 August 2020

Venezuelan Christian artists launch their own version of “The Blessing”

In spite of the strong situation in Venezuela today, a group of Christian artists from the nation united to give encouragement and hope in the midst of the crisis.

Christian News - Venezuelan Christian artists launch their own version of "The Blessing"
Venezuelan Christian artists launch their own version of “The Blessing”

The Blessing is a theme that proclaims God’s help and protection for the South American nation. The project was coordinated by singer Mary Ravelo and her husband, drummer Pedro Baez.

“We decided to launch this song as a response to the crisis that Venezuela is experiencing, a country locked up and devastated by vicissitudes of different kinds”; Ravelo said.

“Where others have sown curse and despair, we wanted to sow blessing and hope”; he added.

For this project, we had the support of the musician Isdaviel Fernandez, where it was agreed to gather the greatest number of Venezuelan Christian artists; to join in the proclamation of hope and good news for the country that today, in the midst of a critical situation, has the favor of God.

“We wanted to take a message from the church to all Venezuelans inside and outside the country, so that they understand that Venezuela is in God’s hands and that He keeps it in His heart”; added Ravelo.

Venezuelan Christian artists united in the same cry

A large number of Venezuelan talents, deployed in the country and in other nations, participate in the video.

Richeld Vílchez, Isdaviel Fernández, Antonietta González, Coron3l, Alex Márquez, Mariela Cartulano, Eudomar Chacón; Herlín García, Emilio Ramírez; Eli Romero, Diego Guillén, Raquel Rebeca, Pedro Gómez, Mary Ravelo, Sergio David, Carlos Rivas, Yoel Vivas, Linda Vivas, Ronald Vivas, AD3 Band, Joan Sebastia, Antony Piña and the children of Ravelo and Báez: Adaniel and Gadiel Baez. Pastor David Guerra, from the Gran Cruzada de Fe Church (Caracas), also has a special participation.

All of them were accompanied by a musical band made up of Luis Ramírez (electric guitar), Yofran Tovar (acoustic guitar), Isaí Romero (bass); Samuel Hernández (programming and piano) and Pedro Báez (drums).

The musical production of the project was in charge of Samuel Hernández; the mastering and mixing was done by Isaí Romero; Ronald García did the video editing, with the support of Emilio Ramírez; and Eudomar Chacón was in charge of the design and promotion.