WHO reports probability of another COVID-19 wave

The Director of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Department of Public Health and Environment, Maria Neira, announced that they are likely to see a second wave of COVID-19 contagions likely.

Christian News - WHO reports probability of another COVID-19 wave
WHO reports probability of another COVID-19 wave

Neira has assured that “we will be better prepared” in the face of a respred. It also said that the elements for the most “fastest ever” vaccine were available, he also commented on Tuesday, May 12, that a new wave of COVID-19 is likely to occur in the autumn.

Seminar “The Future of COVID-19 Forecasts on Its Impact”

 The Director, during her speech from Geneva, at an online seminar established by the Oviedo Chamber of Commerce entitled “The future of Covid19 forecasts on its impact”, has assured that “if something does not work it is usually making predictions”; and stressed the need to achieve learning of the health crisis, to be prepared for a likely outbreak of the virus.

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In the event of a new wave, Neira states that we are already better prepared, because the effectiveness of certain measures has already been corroborated to minimize, but not eliminate, the spread of the virus. In addition, a therapeutic protocol will be available to address 5% of those infected who become critical cases.

Together, the director said that people who have gone through the disease are able to protect against future infections. However, it is unknown how long that immunity lasts, but he has warned that the difficulty is that there is only a small part of the population that has passed it.

The vaccine for 2021

The WHO representative stated that we should not fall into over-optimism, because the vaccine is likely to arrive next year.

“Never in history has there been so many scientific and economic resources ($8 billion) and political will to get a vaccine as soon as possible, which will speed up everything that is accelerating, but there are steps that cannot be skipped”; he said.

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Specialists working in the study to get the vaccine

As for how to avoid re-escalation in the de-escalation phase of confinement measures, he stated that “there is no magic recipe, people’s complicity is fundamental, something that is gained with transparency and a lot of communication”.

After praising the public’s response to unprecedented measures, to quiet the spread of the virus, Neira urges rationality and common sense, without panic.

Europe’s late reaction to the virus

She was asked if there was a late reaction from European countries, the Doctor said “It is not easy to understand the pandemic potential of a virus at first and perhaps no one thought it could have such an explosion in countries with advanced health systems”.

It has also acknowledged that one of the weaknesses that the pandemic has shown is the high number of infection among health professionals, because protection measures were not taken from the outset. Putting as an example the Italian area of Lombardy, where the hospital became for that time, a transmission area.

As for the origin of Coronavirus

The Doctor has referred to the origin of Coronavirus to refute the theories of the compló, that scientific evidence obtained from genome sequencing, points to a natural origin by the transmission from animal to man, possibly from the bat. However, it would be necessary to know who the intermediary is.