IMPACTIVE TESTIMONIAL! Woman claims to have gone to heaven

Charlotte Holmes, is a woman who claims to have gone to heaven after she died and God took her to know heaven.

Christian Testimonies - Woman claims to have gone to heaven
Woman claims to have gone to heaven

Charlotte Holmes is on a mission to tell everyone she knows what she experienced the day she died and went to heaven.

It was an experience that changed her life forever.

Last September, she was admitted to Cox South Hospital in Springfield, Missouri, after undergoing a routine check-up with her cardiologist.

While in the hospital, Charlotte suffered a stroke and died.

“I got above my body and when I was above my body I looked down and could see 12 nurses, I could see the person on top of me doing chest compressions. I wasn’t afraid, I didn’t have any of that, I just felt happy. It was amazing”, she told CBN News’ The Prayer Link.

She said what she heard and saw next was more beautiful than she ever imagined.

“Suddenly I opened my eyes and knew I knew I wasn’t home”, she said. “I knew I had gone to my heavenly home”.

“And almost immediately… I heard music”, described Charlotte, “I had seen the trees and the flowers and everything, and it was swinging to the music… the praise of the angels and the people there”.

“I smelled the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever smelled in my life”, she continued. “There are no flowers on this earth that smell like that”.

Charlotte said she was standing at the “pearly gates” and saw family and friends who had passed away”.

“There were many more behind them, all my friends, all my family, the saints of old”, she continued. “There are no words to express it”.

“I looked and there was my family. My mom, my dad, my sister, my best friend”, he said. “They looked young. They didn’t have glasses. My cousin who had his leg cut off, he had both legs. They looked like they were in their thirties”.

Charlotte shared that she also saw a boy there.

“At the feet of my mom and dad was this little boy. I thought, ‘Who was that?’ and I heard the voice. We all know that. We are Christians, we know the voice of God, and I heard him say, ‘That’s your son”.

Charlotte lost a baby almost 40 years ago when she was 5.5 months pregnant. She said she struggled with depression because she could not say goodbye to her son.

“Of course, back then, they wouldn’t let you hold them. They wouldn’t let you bury them… I couldn’t hug that child”, she said.

She told the Ozark County Times, “I couldn’t wait to hug him. I had missed it”.

Charlotte said at the time that she looked back and saw her family in the dirt and they were crying.

“I said, ‘But God, I wanted to see my grandchildren get married. And suddenly God said, ‘You have a choice. You can stay home or you can go back. But if you come back you must talk about this experience. You must bring home as many as you can”, he explained.

“He said, ‘Soon and very soon I will come for my bride, the Church. You don’t have much time to fulfill your mission. He said, ‘I am sending you in my name”.

Charlotte said she knew right away that she needed to return. Since then, her mission has been to share her experience.

“There’s more to heaven than we think. Heaven is more beautiful than you can imagine. And, praise God, he has given us the opportunity to share our stories… to share God’s love,” she said. “We have to bring home as many as we can”.