7 August 2020

Adoration in Spirit and Truth

To worship is therefore, in its etymology, to speak towards God; with a worship in spirit and truth.

Adoration in Spirit and Truth
Adoration in Spirit and Truth

Worship, according to a dictionary, means worshipping someone; According to another dictionary to worship is to revere and honor God with a religious cult. Therefore worship is an act of spiritual worship to God.

Let us look at the Bible when Jesus speaks to a Samaritan.

She had a doubt, at one point she asks Jesus about places of worship for God: whether in Jerusalem according to the Jews or on Mount Garizim according to the Samaritans. Jesus says to him:

“But the time comes (we are already in it) when true worshippers will worship the Father in Spirit and in truth, for thus does the Father want them to worship Him” (John 4:23-24)

It is seen that the Samaritan’s concern to know how to properly worship God is sincere, although she was more concerned about a place than her personal relationship with Him.

Although the Samaritan had a concern to know if the place she worshipped was right, she is aware that her worship practices had had no effect on her spiritual life, as she continued to practice an immoral life.

And Jesus knowing his sincerity tells him “how and where to worship God in the Spirit and in The Truth”

Jesus has therefore told us to whom and how to worship. Worshipping God is tantamount to giving Him a spiritual worship. Paul says so:

“I exhort you, therefore, brethren, by the mercy of God, to offer your bodies as a living, holy victim, pleasing to God: such will be YOUR SPIRITUAL CULT. And do not settle into the present world, but be transformed through the renewal of your mind, so that you may distinguish what is God’s will: the good, the pleasant, the perfect” (Roman 12:1-2).

In front of the Lord true worship are not in what you can give singing or dancing, it is in the sacrifice you make day by day to die your self, you worship him indispensablely, when you pray for your neighbor and when you will come without expecting anything in return for your help.

How to be a true worshipper

  1. Motivation

It is God’s mercy that moves him to worship Him. Worship arises from knowing that God has created us, and he has done so out of love; He’s our owner. To worship God is to realize that we are totally dependent on Him.

Our father has angels who worship him, but the worship he loves most is the one we give him as children.

  1. giving us

The offering of our bodies or all our beings to God means giving God all of ourselves; in short, give him control of our whole life

Jesus taught us that giving up life is a meaning of love. To offer, to give ourselves, or to God with all our hearts, with all our souls, and with all our minds (Matthew 22:37) is to make a living, holy, and pleasing sacrifice to Him. This is our spiritual cult.

  1. Changing our minds

For spiritual worship of God to be authentic, true, and pleasing to him, it must be done with a renewed mind, and this is achieved through a constant process of change.

Change, which is an expression of faith and born of humility, motivates one to bow, kneel, prostrate before God (and it is not just a bodily posture), and to do so in any circumstance, not only when we are in front of a person we want to impress, in our congregation.

Humiliate us before him; That means feeling infinitely inferior to God, knowing that we depend on Him in everything, that He is our Creator and Lord. It means surrendering to God.

We worship God as we renew our minds in the light of truth, of the truth of Christ.

The effort to keep our minds renewed, purified, clean, even integrating emotions, will allow us to worship God without strings attached.

This is also what Jesus also tells us: “You will worship the Lord your God and to Him you will serve only” (Matthew 4:10). When? Always: at all times and places.

A Worship in Spirit and Truth

What God desires for us is our greatest good; therefore, his will will always be the best thing for us.

True worship is felt inside, and expressed through actions moment after moment.

The highest form of praise and worship is constant obedience to Him and His Word.