Courage in the face of Faith!

Courage comes from intimacy with God. Courage is not what our mind originates from, but arises from believing in what God indicates, despite situations. Courage comes from faith.

Christian Reflections -
Courage in the face of Faith!

Where does discouragement come from? From fear and mistrust. It comes when you pay attention to the devil’s falsehoods about what God will not do for you.

As God’s people, we have a duty to remove discouragement, and instead, we must stand up with courage. It is extremely important that we desist from focusing on our own abilities, failures, and restrictions, and that we begin to focus on God. We need to stand up in the name of Jesus and in the power of the Spirit, and establish the kingdom of God here on earth.

Do not continue to pay attention to the lies

If you have been discouraged recently, don’t continue to pay attention to the lies of those who are trying to bring you down. Give up on that bad news. If someone tells you that God will not rescue you, tell them that “He already did it in the name of Jesus Christ.

When you realize who you are and all that you have received by the power of God, you will no longer allow the devil to do what he wants with you. God did not intend for you to strive and be brave. He commanded you!

God, in your hands I trust my battles, my satisfactions and everything that begins today, increase my strength, revive my heart and allow me to live in hope through Courage before Faith. I pray that You will guide me, and be my company to live in success and tranquility, Amen!