11 August 2020

Don’t let fear dominate you

We all fight daily with fears, perhaps for some it is more obvious than for others, being afraid of something is right, it is a natural thing.

Don't let fear dominate you
Don’t let fear dominate you

the problem is when you let your fears take hold of you; and let him make you his prisoner and let fear take over; it causes you to stop living your life for fear of everything, success, failure, being alone or accompanied and there are even people who fear being in company.

While Jesus was on earth, He performed many miracles, healthy, and freed the sick; one of the most significant miracles was when I walk over the waters, a fact that called into question the faith of the disciples I leave him a teaching about trust and faith, which should not be bent by anything. (Matthew 14:22-33)

When the disciples were afraid and doubted, Jesus told them not to be afraid that he was; but Peter tells him that if he is he would allow him to get to where he was, and he says come; Impressed Peter begins to walk towards Jesus, but seeing around him the storm that hit the sea was very afraid and this caused it to sink; desperate asks Jesus to help him, then Jesus approaching and saving him says, “MAN OF LITTLE FE, BECAUSE DOUBTS”. Everyone on the boat was amazed at the faith and confidence their master showed them.

It’s many times that you’re in a bad position

How many times have you been in this situation,, How many times do you doubt and let fear take over?; Many times we have been focused on Jesus but when we look away from him, just for a moment and look at the storm that lives around us; fear comes out to reduce being the enemy and the main storm, it takes hold of you and if we let him be the one I led destroys us; we lose chances of whether we are happy, growing up even at work, losing an ascent in our work for fear of not knowing how to do it.

But today I tell you fear is only a mechanism of your mind, it only exists there and it is in you not to give it room for it to take control; Don’t let fear dominate you.

You take control of your life

As a believer you know that there is a verse to give us encouragement in the agonizing moments, Jesus left us a comforter.

“But the Comforter, the Holy Ghost, whom the Father shall send in my name, will teach them all things and make them remember all that I have told them”John 14:26 

 Let Jesus guide you, and may the holy spirit be your comforter in your moments of trouble; When fear takes a part of you, give your full life to them, may your faith and trust be restored by the holy spirit. Don’t forget that fear is part of life, it teaches you to trust yourself and depend on God.

“When in me anguish was on the rise, your comfort filled my soul with joyPsalm 94:19