Don’t let your mind play with you

Our mind is under constant attack by the wounds of the past, the pressures of the present and the challenges of Tomorrow.

Don't let your mind play with you
Don’t let your mind play with you

Add to that triple attack the opponent’s fire darts. The Adversary of our spiritual life has only one entrance to touch our life and it’s through the mind.

In our daily and daily lives, we are able to solve situations, to imagine, to create, to make simple or more complex decisions. However, that clarity can often be clouded as our mind confuses us and even deceives us; Because your mind, believe it or not, does not stop playing with you, conditioning your perceptions, ways of thinking, communicating and acting according to those traps.

Obviously, we don’t realize it, our mind acts on us unconsciously. But in God we understand, that we cannot let our minds play with us, let alone control us.

Satan and your mind, Your enemies

The enemy has but an entrance to touch our lives, which is our mind. We may come to think that Satan can come in to touch our lives for many entrances, but he doesn’t, he has one, your mind.

That is why the Bible insists so much that we take care of what we think; the Apostle Paul says in Romans 12, Transform yourselves, through the renewal of your understanding. Do not adapt to the things of this world and then say transform yourselves through the renewal of your understanding; Paul speaks of being renewed in the spirit of our minds.

In Filipinos “All good, everything nice, everything that is good name, all fair, in this think”

Isaiah speaks of “Thou shalt keep in complete peace that one whose thought in you perseveres, for in thee he has trusted”.

The Word speaks to us so much about taking care of our minds. Paul in the book of Ephesians speaks of putting the helmet of salvation, the helmet. Put on your helmet to protect your head, to protect your mind. He knows the enemy won’t be able to touch our lives unless he touches our minds.

Theory of the Power of the Mind

To prove a theory, a scientist from Phoenix needed a volunteer to come to the last consequences. He got it at a penitentiary in St. Louis, Missouri. He was a death row inmate who would be executed in the electric chair.

He proposed to participate in a scientific experiment, in which a small cut in the pulse would be made, enough to drip his blood. The prisoner had a chance of survival; otherwise, he would die with a death without suffering or pain. The condemned man accepted, for it was preferable that he died in the electric chair, and he also had a chance to survive.

The prisoner was placed in a high, hospital bed, and his body was tied so he could not move. They made a little cut on the wrist. Under his pulse, a small aluminum vessel was placed. He was told he would hear his blood dripping into the vase. The cut was shallow and did not reach any arteries or veins, but it was enough for him to feel that his pulse was cut off.

Unless he knew, under the bed was a bottle of serum with a small valve. When the pulse was cut, the valve on the bottle was opened so that he would think it was his blood that fell into the vessel.

Empty Vessel

Every 10 minutes the scientist, unless the damned man saw it, closed the valve a little and the drip subsided. Meanwhile the condemned man thought it was his blood that was diminishing.

Over time he lost color, becoming paler and paler.

When the scientist completely closed the valve, the condemned man went into cardiac arrest and died, without even losing a drop of blood.

The scientist managed to prove that the human mind fulfills, to the letter everything that is sent to him; and accepted by the individual, whether positive or negative, and that such action envelops the whole organism, whether in the organic or psychic part.

Alert for your life

This story is an alert, for each and every one of us; Our mind, she does not distinguish the real from the fantastic, the truth of the wrong, simply records and fulfills what is sent to her.

“If you think about failure, you’ve already failed before you tried”

“If you think about winning, you’ve already been one step ahead”