11 August 2020

Giving up is not a “Sanders Story” out

Today we are under pressure from a pandemic, a disease that God allowed to reach the world.

Giving up is not a "Sanders Story" out
Giving up is not a “Sanders Story” out

If you are young, in this time you have spent in quarantine you have noticed that your mind plays with you, you have felt that you did not achieve your dreams that is impossible, We could not say that we understand by what you go through, perhaps you are frustrated because you had plans to do wonderful things in your life; and you’re just braking now, but you know! The COVID-19 shouldn’t be an option to give up, whatever you’re going through is never an option.

If you think you’re the only one who’s thought about giving up, let’s look at this story.

Colonel Sanders’ story

Harland David Sanders, better known as Colonel Kentucky, was an American businessman who founded the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) fast food restaurant chain.

In 1929 he opened a small gas station in Corbin, Kentucky, where he cooked dishes such as chicken, country ham and steaks. His popularity as a cook grew to such an extent that Kentucky Gov. Ruby Laffoon named him “Colonel of Kentucky.”

But the real story is how he didn’t give up his problems before.

    • At the age of 5, his dad died.
    • At the age of 16 I stopped studying.
    • By only 17 I had already lost four jobs.
    • At 18, he married.
    • Between 18 and 22, I work as a driver and fail again.
    • He joined the army and was retired
      I apply for judicial school and it was rejected.
    • He became an insurance salesman and failed again.
    • At 19 he became a pope.
    • At 20 his wife left him and took his only daughter
    • He became a cook and dish washer in a small café.
    • He failed in trying to get his daughter back, but eventually convinced his wife to return home.
    • At the age of 65 he got his retirement.

From Failure to Millionaire

After his retirement, he received a government check amounting to $105.

Sanders felt that the government was making him known that he could not even support himself or his family; So he decided to kill himself, he went through his mind that it was not necessary to live any longer when he had failed so many times.

He sat under a tree to write his will, but instead of writing what he had accomplished in his life. I notice there were a lot of things I hadn’t done yet. However he realized there was something he could do better than anyone else. And that was COOKING. He borrowed $87 from the government and bought a fryer, made chicken using his unique recipe and sold it door-to-door in his village near Kentucky United States.

You remember at the age of 65 he wanted to kill himself.

At the age of 88, Colonel Sanders, Founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was a millionaire.

And you, are you going to give up?

How many times do you have to fail to succeed?

Your success is also failure.