Don't walk away from God

Everyday things, they lead us to lose communication with God, we lose focus when we decline in our day to day, or even as young people when we make a mistake we turn away from him.

Christians Reflections - Don't walk away from God
Don’t walk away from God

Luke 15: 18

Gradually our attention is devoted to other things, to eat, to work, to study until we share with our friends, and to God who has been constantly trying to get us back to him we forget it. At first it’s easy, we take control believing that I can take care of things other than the church and I’ll be fine.

As we move forward with having communication with God again;  Our soul is starting to lack something, the study does not distract you, the frustrations and decisions to drink tea overwhelm. You’re sitting with your lost gaze, thinking and thinking about how to get out of this now.

But we made a bad decision, we move further away, we believe that going out of the place where they know us would solve things; and again we’re wrong. God is merciful, wait patiently for us to go to him, and let him carry

King David committed many sins, as a young man there were temptations from which he could not escape, but escaping from God was never an option. This boy had a heart surrendered to the presence of God; Failed? Yes, more was so aware that God’s blood cleanses us that it simply ran into God’s arms.

Repenting brings you closer to God

As we mentioned earlier, King David is known as the character with his heart according to God, David loved God’s presence very much and although like every young boy and made mistakes, what made him good in front of God’s eyes, was that he always repented and did not commit a sin continually.

Now! Do not walk away from God, go to His presence, repent of your sins, and let God cleanse and renew your life.