Overcome and mature in the midst of your adversities

God’s word teaches us that afflictions are part of our walk in Christ.

Christian Reflections - Overcome and mature in the midst of your adversities
Overcome and mature in the midst of your adversities

In the book of James he takes it for granted that trials will come into our lives “when you meet…” that is, each of us has to know that sooner or later trials and afflictions will come into our lives.

The apostle Peter also declared that trials and afflictions were not uncommon in the life of a child of God (1 Peter 4:12)

We must not be discouraged or think of turning back when trials come, but trust that the Lord is with us, giving us his strength and his victory. God’s scripture tells us on many occasions that trials should lead us to spiritual maturity. If anyone knows our capacity, if anyone knows the limit of our strength, it is our Heavenly Father, and we must be fully assured that He will not place on our shoulders a burden we cannot carry, He will not place a burden that will destroy us.

We learn every moment that circumstance comes into our lives, sometimes we just have our eyesight blurred, and maybe many times we feel lost but God is there. Let’s remember that all things help us for good.

Some he makes pass through the waters and others through the fire (Isaiah 43:2), but we can be sure that God will not leave us alone in any step we take. The purpose of our God with the trials and afflictions He allows to come into our lives, is not to undermine our faith or discourage us, its purpose is to make us mature spiritually, and to learn to hope and trust in His promises and His word (Romans 5:3).