Sun 31 May 2020

Overcoming Masturbation Addiction

Many times it is believed that single people fall into the addiction of masturbation. However, married people can fall into this; therefore, we must overcome this addiction.

Christian Reflections - Overcoming Masturbation Addiction
Overcoming Masturbation Addiction

First of all, one of the reasons why masturbation is regularly used is because of the high release of dopamine and pleasure to the body. That is why so many people use it as a method to release stress and satisfy their body’s sexual desire.

As a result, the continued practice of masturbation creates a mild addiction that over time becomes hard to avoid. However, if you don’t break this addiction, it could not only become part of your life, but it could also have devastating consequences.

That is why we advise you and will be there to help you overcome this strong addiction.

Above all, I urge you to pray and ask God to be free of masturbation. At the same time, do not allow yourself to create the atmosphere in which you usually fall into this sin from which you want to be free.

Method for Being Free from Masturbation Addiction

Rachel E. Miquel Dufour, is the author of the book Que Viva La Va-Jay-Jay! and an expert on female sexuality issues, explains a method to be free from masturbation.

First, start by implementing a plan of action to balance your life in your day-to-day life, bringing refreshment to your spiritual life and friends.

Continue by installing an “off/on plan” in your mind. This consists of reducing the number of times masturbation occurs during the day (off). Then, find a way to channel all that energy and tension into dance, music, and other activities (on).

It is even important that you celebrate your progress, that every time you decrease masturbation in your daily life you give yourself the opportunity to celebrate it. You can start by reducing masturbation every other day. Then continue with just twice a week. Then just once, until you manage not to masturbate at all.

That’s why with every victory you get, you give yourself a chance to give yourself an outing, a meal or whatever you prefer. The important thing is that you celebrate your achievement.

Don’t worry!

This takes some time, it’s true that at first it will be difficult, but little by little you will be free from the slavery that masturbation has brought to your life.

Likewise, it is good to have a leader or counselor to guide you in discovering the methods by which you can free yourself from this spiritual problem that involves this addiction.