15 July 2020

What happens if you commit adultery?

After you got married, you haven’t wondered what happens if you commit adultery? For one of the ways in which marriages fall is because of adultery.

What happens if you commit adultery?
What happens if you commit adultery?

Marriage betrayal is the main dish the devil uses to destroy a family. Satan is not a fool, he calmly examines which bait is most attractive to be able to attract his prey.

Their plan begins by caused discussions and fights between couples, slowly alienating spouses. Consequently, it creates situations between couples making the relationship difficult and unbearable; creates clouds of oppression where the wife loses her admiration for her husband and she becomes indifferent.

When this scenario is already mounted, the devil forwards his delicacies in the form of beautiful and loving women and beautiful attentive men, that is when the process of destruction of the family begins.

All that is a great illusion, it is true that we all have problems, the life of no couple is perfect, but it is important to know that the devil will use the weapons that he has in his hands to destroy your relationship.

WHEN YOU HAVE DESIRE TO BETRAY YOUR COUPLE, OR FEEL THE TEMPTATION WITH OTHER (OS) WOMEN/MEN, the fault is not the devil, it is your fault, he only used what you provided him and messed with the wish that you already kept within you.

The devil can tempt any couple at any time, the difference is that they will make each of them in the face of that situation.