Mon 25 May 2020

Worshipping in the midst of adversity

Many times in our lives we go through circumstances in which we want to throw in the towel, but that is when God seeks to see his child worshipping in the midst of adversity.

Christian Reflections - Worshipping in the midst of adversity
Worshipping in the midst of adversity

I certainly know it’s very hard to worship when you feel your strength is fainting, but you mustn’t forget who your father is. The word says that He is strengthened in our weakness and in Him we are stronger.

On the other hand, the circumstance may be against you; but there is nothing That God does not allow to be of strength for our lives. As a result of all adversity, God is gratified when He sees one of his children worshiping him and giving him glory and honor at all times.

You may think that saying it is easy, but doing so is the complicated thing, but biblically Paul and Silas during their duration in prison gave everything to worship God.

Paul and Silas worship in the midst of adversity

In the book of Acts 16:16-40 we can see how Paul and Silas as they preached from the gospel of Jesus were imprisoned and judged by it.

However, at no time did they register in the Bible that they stopped praying, but to complete the purpose they kept together to worship. As a result, they caused the bars to fall and be free by the power of God.

“Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. At once all the prison doors flew open, and everyone’s chains came loose”; Acts 16:26.

Perhaps for Paul and Silas there may have been times when they decided to stop worshipping, but that feeling was only an impulse to further increase their worship of God.

Also, you may feel trapped, your freedom has been conditioned through what is happening with the coronavirus situation. More yet, there is nothing and no one who can silence your heart. Rise in faith! and declare that your hope before circumstance remains alive and that Jesus is your freedom.