7 August 2020

You! A solution for the world

The Christian Church has experienced rapid growth around the world, but this multiplication has not had an impact on society.

Christians Reflections - You! a solution for the world
You! a solution for the world

 Even in cultures where half the population claims to be Christian, we see that governments and businesses are corrupt, people live without respecting their Creator or others, and nations and tribes fight with each other. Tragically, there have even been genocides where the majority of the population claims to be Christian.

(A genocide refers to the systematic and deliberate destruction of a group.)

Do not forget that you are the church, which is with you, with whom God counts for a transformation of all his people; when we talk about a church, we are not commenting on a physical temple, the word teaches us that we are members of the body of Christ and it refers to us as the church

“He is also the head of the body that is the church; and He is the beginning, the firstborn of the dead, that He may have in all primacy “Colossians 1:18

“Now you are the body of Christ, and each one individually a member of him”1 Corinthians 12:27

Why hasn’t the church transformed the world around it?

Perhaps the main cause is the lack of biblical understanding of God’s intentions, we must have a strong impact on society; And the scriptures are clear that God’s purpose for each of us (the church) goes beyond evangelization. It is broader than creating new churches, deeper than spiritual discipleship, far greater than giving food to the hungry.

And though each and every one of these things, they are part of that purpose; God’s strategy is both the proclamation and the demonstration of the good works that happen in our lives.

How many times have you heard a nonbeliever of Christ say, a story about someone who did not give them a good example of a Christian?

Many, I know!, We as believers of God know that it is not easy to change our lives, that the enemy is constantly throwing, but, you are the solution to the world, in order to make a social impact, you must be an example of a true Christian. That is your mission, in addition to carrying the message of the gospel.

“The world needs you, and you are the best instrument in God’s hands”