Do you know what others say about you?

You’ve probably run into someone of maybe some people will get a review. In that case, even you were part of that group. Now, do you know what others say about you? How do you react when someone criticizes you or makes a bad comment about you?

Christian Reflections - Do you know what others say about you?
Do you know what others say about you?

Still, nowadays there is no one who does not bother or get uncomfortable with such situations. There’s still no one strong enough to sometimes have anger at someone.

What can we do not to get angry?

The Bible, in Romans 12:21 twelve: “Let not be overcome by evil. On the contrary, it overcomes evil with good.” So, although it’s not easy, the first thing you have to do is not give it any importance.

Do you know what others say about you?
Don’t let the reviews invade you.

At certain times, people who criticize you are just looking for a way to get you off your ground and fall into theirs. So with the intention of making you defend against his attack, but with the second intention of making another mistake out of you.

James Wallace, in his article “The Hard Truth,” recounts that one occasion, a very annoying man visited a lawyer’s office. His discomfort was due to the reading in the local newspaper a note in which someone criticized him harshly.

“Do you think I have to sue the author of that letter? The man asked.

Very calmly, the lawyer replied:

“I wouldn’t give so much importance to the matter. Half the people who read the paper didn’t read the article. Half of those who read it, they didn’t understand. Half of those who understood it didn’t believe it. And half the people who believed it didn’t matter.

Will you fall into the trap of what they say about you?

However, the situation will become different when what they say about you is true. Well, in that case, the ideal thing you can do is to acknowledge that you did wrong.

On the contrary, if what others say about you is not true, you should not worry. At the end of the day, the people who know you best and know who you really are, won’t believe it.

Next, what you can do is find a humorous side of the matter to avoid bothering you. On one occasion, George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright; received a letter containing only the word” “Imbecile.

After reading it, Shaw commented, “In my life I have received letters without signatures, but this time it’s the first time I get a signature without a letter.” Shaw then proved that instead of bothering himself, he could bring a good side to the situation.

Speak well of others

Finally and more difficult, if a person who speaks ill of you, do you imagine what will happen if we speak well of that person? The best way to beat your enemy is to beat them as a friend.