Everything will be fine

Do your best because the Word of God never leaves your lips. Meditate on Him day and night, that you may proceed according to all that is written in the Holy Scriptures. In that way your path will prosper, and all will be well.

Christian Reflections - Everything will be fine
Everything will be fine

The Christian who gains wisdom has understood that all success in the goals he begins in life will depend upon how much of his life is grounded in the Word of the Lord. This raises the question: How do we achieve a life based on the teachings of the scriptures?

Thinking and meditating

To do this, it is necessary to think and meditate on the Scriptures until it becomes what we might call «second nature». It is of great importance to give it special attention and obey it with such a level of constancy that it begins to guide your activities even when you are not seriously thinking about what it says.

When I started working in a laboratory, I learned to do it by studying and putting it into practice over and over again . In my mind I imagined everything that could happen in the time I was there, because as in many other tasks; you also take risks. I thought and meditated continuously on what I should do, and that is how I learned to become a laboratory analyst and to understand that everything will be all right if we rely on the Word.

And that’s exactly what I set out to do with the Word of God. I meditated on it day and night. As the days went by, I began to get excited about what I was reading.

Then I would sit in my house and think about how I could use the Word in different settings. The Word became «my second nature».

I invite you to meditate on the Word in that way. Let it be a part of your life, obey it in all circumstances, because if it is, «all will be well».

Let us pray together: Lord, may every step I take be founded on the teachings of Your Word. Provide me with the wisdom to study and understand it so that it is it, and not my will, that guides me to the plans you have for my future. Amen.

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