Father of singer Evelyn from «Tercer Cielo» is in a coma because of COVID-19

The poor health of the father of the renowned Christian singer Evelyn Herrera became known through social networks. This after having been infected with COVID-19.  

Christian News - Father of singer Evelyn from "Tercer Cielo" is in a coma because of COVID-19
Father of singer Evelyn from «Tercer Cielo» is in a coma because of COVID-19

This is Pastor Moisés Herrera, father of Evelyn Herrera, vocalists of Tercer Cielo, who is currently in a coma and with very weak lungs, after contracting COVID-19, as reported by his own daughter through different social network platforms.

«The last two weeks have been difficult for us. My father, Pastor Moisés Herrera, is in a coma, fighting an impressive battle against COVID-19. He has been a tremendous warrior all his life and has blessed thousands in his ministry,» wrote the Third Heaven artist through Instagram.

In her prayer, the singer asks that this not be her father’s last struggle. «My prayer is that this is not his last battle even though I admit he is weakened and his lungs are not responding except with the help of the ventilator. God is a God of miracles and we don’t give up believing,» she concluded.

During the month of March, Evelyn Herrera tested positive for the coronavirus along with her partner the singer and member of Tercer Cielo, Juan Carlos Rodriguez.


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