INDIA: Place a stamp on your hand to fight the Covid-19

India needed a way to certify that arrivals from abroad at risk of coronavirus were isolated and remained in place; the measure: «indelible ink».

In the nation, Covid-19 contagions have risen rapidly in the past week. In response, the government is turning to low-cost techniques to try to protect citizens who are above 1.3 billion.

Health authorities do not have the resources to quarantine them all. They also do not have high technology to monitor insulation in homes; the «solution» to the emergency decide to use indelible ink, which also exists in abundance in the country.

In turn, they prevented the country’s 900 million voters from presenting multiple votes. The ink is used in your hands after voting and takes about two weeks to fade.

INDIA: Place a stamp on your hand to fight the Covid-19
INDIA: Place a stamp on your hand to fight the Covid-19

Every individual who arrives in the country from nations with a high number of contagions is placed on the back of his hand a stamp with the legend «Home Quarantined», so that everyone would see it if they risked going out.

«This is our contribution to the fight against coronavirus,» said the minister, Rajesh Tope. «If someone tries to evade or break quarantine, they can now be caught.»

The country’s tradition of solving smartly with what is available is a talent popularly known as the game that is also helping its battle against the pandemic.

Jugaad symbolizes doing things in the shortest time and at the lowest possible cost; so far, at least, he seems to be marching largely to keep people from crowded cities at home.

Today the streets are mainly deserted in the commonly bustling parts of Delhi, the capital, and Mumbai, the nation’s economic and media hub.

Only the opening of stores selling essential items such as food and pharmaceuticals is allowed.

Offices, with the exception of essential offices, are closed, and staff are ordered to continue in their homes.

However, the number of confirmed cases has dramatically enlarged to 909 and the deaths have risen to 19 to Saturday. Authorities indicate that they will assess at least one week before learning whether the closure has helped to quell transmission.

Also, other measures used by India have been added weeks ago, the government asked mobile operators to set a health notice about the engraved Covid-19 after the callers dialed and before the call was connected to all phones country mobiles.

The recorded message, which starts ringing with a cough, talks about how to protect against the coronavirus.

«There is no other means that reach so many people so quickly,» said Rajan Mathews, managing director of the country’s Cell Operators Association. «Almost all Indians have a mobile phone, so the range is quite wide.»

India also spread the message through television media.

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