Keep your hope even in times of testing

Right now, our heart, our hope, is being tested. It is for that reason that we should not despair and above all, keep your hope even in times of trial.

Keep your hope even in times of testing
Keep your hope even in times of trial.

Hope is synonymous with belief and illusion. Anyway, every day of our lives we must live it by keeping the spirits as difficult as it can be.

However, life in infinite opportunities places us trials, and it remains in us to be able to endure them. Whatever your concern, you are there reading, we want you to know and be certain that something good is to come.

«Certainly none of those who wait on you shall be confused; those who rebel without cause will be ashamed,» Psalm 25:3.

Although as distressed as you are, you may feel the world coming at you at this moment, but remember; after a storm comes calm and serenity.

Sometimes we are aware of what we call problem, without being attentive to the wonder that gives us the universe that is the opportunity of a new day. Just where it’s only left on our side to make it productive, calm, and beneficial to each of us.

Remember that you are the one who decides how to act in every chapter of your day. That is why we recommend that you live every moment to the fullest in the company of God’s presence.

«Our soul awaits the Lord; our help and our shield is him,» Psalm 33:20.

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