Knocking down walls

You find yourself running the race ahead, moving at full speed with the Lord’s blessing. Suddenly you bang! You hit a wall.

Christian Reflections - Knocking down walls
Knocking down walls

It may be a wall of illness or financial hardship, of spiritual disappointment or strong family problems. No matter what kind of wall it is, the consequence is always the same. It slows you down completely.

Athletes call that «crashing into a wall». When that happens, the body says, «No more, that’s all I can do. I can’t go on. I can’t go any faster, I give up.»

However, the experienced athlete knows that «the wall» is not the end, but a sign that he is about to reach a new level. If he tries a little harder, he will regain his energy. Suddenly, he will go faster than before, he will achieve a level of excellence that he could not have achieved in any other way.

Moments of failure

In those moments when you feel in the worst condition and failure is knocking at your door, immerse yourself in the Word of God. You may meditate on a particular passage for days or weeks, hoping to receive a manifestation, apparently without success.

However, like the dawn of morning, the light will increase until the day is beautiful. That means the way to cross that wall of problems is to make a hole in it with your faith and the word of the Lord.

Then keep drilling that hole. Don’t stop! And pretty soon, God’s forces will come in and demolish every obstacle in their path! Once that happens, you will never be the same again and you will remain utterly convinced that it only takes one such breakthrough to make you that conqueror who never gives up!

Let us pray together: Father, enlighten me with your light and let me rise above the trials. Before You is my life. I place in your hands what I am so that it may always be done according to your beautiful will. Amen.

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