Resisting the temptations of darkness

I believe that understanding temptation and resisting it is the way to stay one step ahead of Satan. James 1:12 «Blessed is he who resists temptation, for when he is approved, he will receive the crown of life».

Christian Reflections - Resisting the temptations of darkness
Resisting the temptations of darkness

To resist temptation is to go through trials without giving up, to survive the darkness that perennially lies in wait to strike, as long as we neglect to walk in the Lord’s footsteps.

To resist also means to go through a time of temptation without consenting to change your attitude or commitment. Jesus never treated people differently when He was tempted, and when we are spiritually mature, we are able to follow His example.

Weak areas of our life

Christ understands what we face with temptation. Sometimes He allows situations of temptation so that He can call attention to the areas of weakness in our lives and help us to improve.

The only way you can have everything that God wants you to have is to become what He created you to be. And that knowledge comes through trials.

Decide to be patient and stand firm under temptation by the grace of the Lord. As His Word dictates, He will not give us a greater test than we can bear, but along with the test He will give us the solution, to keep walking in the wonderful ways of His will.

«Blessed is he that resisteth temptation: for he that is approved shall receive the crown of life, which God hath promised unto them that love him»; James 1:12.

Let us pray together: God, I know you remain with me in times of temptation, so I can be patient and stand firm, always one step ahead of the darkness that seeks to overtake me. I know you will give me the strength I need to overcome any difficulties. Amen.

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