U.S. satanic temple conducts scholarship program named «devil’s advocate»

In order to neutralize the religious scholarships provided by various universities, the Satanic Temple in the USA, located in Massachusetts, has undertaken its scholarship program.

Christian News - U.S. satanic temple conducts scholarship program named "devil's advocate"
U.S. satanic temple conducts scholarship program named «devil’s advocate»

Such scholarships have been named «devil’s advocate», and those students who want to get them must want financial aid.

Requirements for obtaining the scholarship

It is aimed at high school graduates, and to opt for this program they must first fill out a form, which has been described by many as «strange».

On the form, they will be asked to answer two questions. The first is to «describe a teacher who has crushed your spirit», lowering your self-confidence or making you hate every minute of your education.

Then a second question refers to what he has personally done to urge the principles of the Satanic Temple with others.

Malcolm Jarry, co-founder of the organization, told CNN that the application for the scholarship is now open.

According to Jarry, the scholarships «serve to reward those who accept the individualism, empathy, free thinking and skepticism towards the oppressive institution they had to endure.

«Known as a temple of atheism»

The Satanic Temple has on many occasions pointed out that it is an «atheist» group; and that its members are not «literal worshippers of Satan» .

Currently, it is known that applications for this help will be accepted until August 31. While the final results of those approved will be communicated by September 15.


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