UN praises Christian church for its evangelistic work

In Spain a Christian church was praised by the UN, after the achievement obtained with the evangelization and the great reach of them in the people.

Christian News - UN praises Christian church for its evangelistic work
UN praises Christian church for its evangelistic work

In the Canary Islands, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) celebrated the work that the Modern Christian Mission Church carried out for migrants in the area.

Sophie Muller, on behalf of the UNHCR, travelled to the area to check on the situation in the area as thousands of migrants from West Africa arrive by sea.

Muller, who has held the post since October last year, had several meetings with local authorities, institutions and different NGOs dedicated to assisting migrants in the Canary Islands.

Help in all the entrances of the South of Spain

Also, she thought that in every entrance zone throughout southern Spain there could be the help that the Christian church has provided; challenging the international perspective that is currently being experienced.

On the island of Fuerteventura, the IMCM welcomes those who come by boat to the place; a task that the official emphasized as an admirable action.

«We are very happy for the visit, because she was able to see the reality of what we are living, a situation of extreme need and how with only the resources, only with the solidarity of companies, hotels and friends, we have food today, tomorrow we do not know,» said Angel Manuel Hernandez, pastor of the church in the middle of an interview.

«She told the team and our volunteers that she was surprised by the incredible and admirable work we do,» he added.

According to statements made by those who serve day to day to attend to these people, they said the deficiencies; based on this the official is already executing plans for the recreation of the work.

«Our social worker told her that the work of those who help migrants is insufficient and deficient, because they need attention beyond a place to stay and eat. She told us that she comes precisely to give voice to those needs,» concluded Hernández.


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