USA: Churches work with government to prevent suicides in the nation

The U.S. government in Trump reported a plan with the collaboration of the churches to prevent suicides.

Christian News - USA: Churches work with government to prevent suicides in the nation
USA: Churches work with government to prevent suicides in the nation

Through the second lady of the United States, Karen Pence and her mission as the president’s ambassador to prevent the suicides of the nation’s war veterans, she said that in the plan everyone will be able to share their faith in seeking help.

«There is help for our veterans, there is help for Americans. We actually have things that we are putting in place. We want people to talk to each other and for one part of the other to talk and communicate to share their faith,» he told CBN NEWS.

At least 47,000 suicides have been recorded in the United States, more than 6,000 of them veterans, and the government has chosen Christian churches as a form of strong support.

«Research supports that there is a connection between people who are involved in their faith community and who have less opportunity or less desire for suicide,» the Second Lady said.

Suicide Issues in Preaching

With the Reach plan, the government aims to have suicide topics discussed in preaching, along with prevention information in newsletters that encourage people to make a written pledge; where they commit to changing the national conversation about mental health and suicide.

«One of the main points involved in the ‘REACH’ campaign is informing people about their risk factors, and one of the risk factors right now is isolation,» Pence said.

Creating a questionnaire

Karen established a kind of questionnaire that helps to rule out the options that people with suicidal tendencies have, so that they can make other kinds of decisions.

«Schedule those in your day, whether it’s reading, gardening, cooking, praying or painting,» she said.

It should be noted that the second lady considers hope in God as the only solution to the difficulties.

«Hope is really the key and for me, as you know, I am a Christian. That’s where I get my hope,» she said.

«I think that when we are all distressed, sometimes the only person who is there for me is the Lord. So when you can really introduce someone to that aspect and say, you know what, there’s hope, and there’s a way beyond this struggle that we find you in now,» he concluded.

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