USA: Protesters Brutally Threaten Seattle Preacher

A street preacher in Seattle who was making his first amendment on the right to free speech, he was persecuted and threatened by protesters, wearing gas masks and other law enforcement equipment.

Christian News - USA: Protesters Brutally Threaten Seattle Preacher
USA: Protesters Brutally Threaten Seattle Preacher

The event was captured on video by CBN collaborator Chuck Holton, where the street preacher can be seen trying to convey biblical passages and a message about Jesus. He is wearing a T-shirt that says «Trust in Yeshua (Jesus)» on the back.

«It’s for you to be born again. If you want to make the world a better place, start with yourself. Give your life to Jesus,» says the preacher.

Verbal Aggression

At that moment, two masked members, apparently from the anarchist Antifa group, walk directly in front of him and shout: «You are not with us! Go and talk to them! and pointing in the other direction. «You keep following me one more time and I’ll f #%! No f #% $#! follow us,» threatened another protester while he had an aggressive attitude.

«I’m not even following you, you’re following me,» the preacher replied calmly, while other protesters quietly held the man’s attention.

«Another masked woman shouted again and again, to which the preacher replied, «Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. The only way to get to heaven is through him. You need Jesus!»

I was still trying to share the good news

As the preacher continued to try to share the Good News, another masked protester repeatedly blocked his way and shouted, «Go away» again and again. «We don’t want to hear this s #%!» he said, as the preacher tried to continue.

This went on until Holton asked the protester a question.

«What is your objective here?» Holton asked.

«My objective is to honor the purpose of being here. What you’re doing is interfering,» the man replied.

«You mean the First Amendment right to protest? Is that what you’re talking about?» Holton asked.

The protester thought for a long time, without having a ready answer, and then commented, «I’ll tell you what, you tell me what church you’re from.

«I don’t live here. I don’t even live in this country,» Holton replied.

The question seemed to make the demonstrator aware of the hypocrisy of his actions, and he began to step aside. Holton managed to ask one more question for clarification.

«Is that what the First Amendment does, does it give you the right to tell it what to do? Or does it give you the right to say what you want to say? I’m just wondering if you can explain it to me, that’s all,» Holton asked.

The upset protester walked away without saying a word, and the confrontation seemed to end.

Correspondent Holton was also in Portland covering the demonstrations there, exposing Mayor Ted Wheeler in a «lie» after he claimed there was no provocation before federal agents threw tear gas at him. Holton’s video clearly shows acts of violence committed by Antifa and other scandals.

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